rFactor 2 Minor Updates to Content (20th Nov)

Rfactor 2 Minor Updates to Content

BMW M2 CS rFactor 2 Atlanta Motorsport Park

Vanwall: Performance Meets Reality

Firstly, they’ve made some significant enhancements to the Vanwall Vandervell. The tires now bear their real-life names, adding an authentic touch to your racing setup. More importantly, based on professional feedback these tires will now behave more like you’d expect, marrying performance with the realities of physics to give you a gripping ride—literally.

Lime Rock Park, Brands Hatch & Mores : Track Limits

For those who love the challenge of Lime Rock Park, they’ve tackled the track limits at the long layout’s uphill chicane and the pit entry— (hopefully) no more unfair penalties. Similarly, at Mores, they’ve gone over the track limits with a fine-tooth comb, including a fix for the issues at the pit entry. Finally, At Brands Hatch, minor adjustments have been made to track limits on GP layout T6-T7 exit.

It’s all about giving you the room to race while keeping the competition fair and fun.

Atlanta Motorsport Park & Botniaring: Fine-Tuning for a Smoother Race

The Atlanta Motor Speedway update addresses inconsistencies with track sectors, smoothing out your lap-to-lap experience. Over at Botniaring, they’ve ironed out some minor AI issues, so whether you’re racing against the computer or setting times, it’s just you and the asphalt.

Longford: Immersive Enhancements

This old favourite sees a suite of updates that not only improve performance but also enhance the sensory experience. they’ve fixed the ambient noise around Kings Bridge for more immersive audio, adjusted long LODs for some objects for better visuals, and made some changes to reduce failed pit stops. Plus, the river water now reflects improved realism, and we’ve made the Rear Flap available at all times.

🚨 Release Candidate -> Full Release 🚨

Exciting times ahead, as our current “release candidate” branch is making the move to the main “opt-out” branch tomorrow. This means all the refinements we’ve been testing and perfecting are ready for everyone to enjoy. Get ready to welcome a few more users to our new online system!

Changelog Summary:

  • Vanwall 1.33
    • Real-life tire naming
    • Enhanced tire performance
  • Limerock Park 3.06
    • Fixed track limits at uphill chicane and pit entry
  • More 1.84
    • Comprehensive review and fix of track limits, including pit entry
  • Atlanta MP 1.32
    • XSector inconsistencies addressed
  • Botniaring 1.09
    • Resolved minor AI issues
  • Longford 1.12
    • Kings Bridge ambient noise fixed
    • LOD adjustments for improved visuals
    • Pit entry flow enhanced
    • River water reflection improvements
    • RearFlap availability ensured
  • Brands Hatch 1.07
    • Track limits fine-tuned on GP layout


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