World Esports Day 2023

According to World Esports Day:

World Esports Day is a global celebration of esports, which aims to unite the community and celebrate all things competitive gaming, from the tournaments to streams, games and players themselves, and everything in-between.

Global awareness of esports is important in order to recognise the success we see from individuals in the industry. World Esports day is intended to create memories, and look back on the old ones – as well as highlighting why we engage with esports titles, teams and support our publishers.

On October 21st 2023, World Esports Day will take place to mark the official national awareness campaign focused on esports and its successes around the world.

Gamers, teams, associations, companies and anyone interested in esports are encouraged to get involved with World Esports Day 2023, use the hashtag #worldesportsday and do their own positive initiatives as part of it, whether it’s a stream, an announcement or one-off activity. You can get involved with World Esports Day here.


Why not organise a match against friends, host a podcast talking about esports or arrange a mini-tournament? The sky’s the limit. See some examples of how people previously got involved here.

Are you a streamer, content creator, part of an organisation or just a lover of esports? Here are some suggestions on how you can get involved in #WorldEsportsDay:

• Fundraising stream
• Panel discussion or chat show
• Playing casual games with friends
• Running your own mini esports tournament
• Creating content to help spread the awareness of esports

Or you can come up with your very own idea to celebrate this annual event!


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