iRacing 2023 Season 4 Patch 3 Released

According to iRacing news:

The third patch of iRacing 2023 Season 4 is here! Headlined by an all-new Cart and Wallet functionality within iRacing, the new patch features major quality of life improvements for users looking to make content purchases, watch race sessions, report crashes and bugs, and much more. New features include:

Cart: Our all-new shopping Cart is here! Cars and Tracks may be added to the cart from anywhere within iRacing that you see a Cart button. Your Cart can be accessed anywhere within iRacing in the top right of the header, and you can check out from your Cart with iRacing Credits, iRacing Dollars, Credit Card on file, a new Credit Card, or Venmo. (Users who would like to use PayPal will still need to check out through the iRacing Membersite for the moment.)

Wallet: A new Add Funds button has been added in place of the previously available Recharge button. This button utilizes the new Cart feature, allowing you to add iRacing Dollars from within iRacing. New Send Gift buttons and Promo Codes & Gift Cards sections have also been added to the wallet for iRacers to send iRacing Dollars to other users, check promo and gift card codes, and redeem them.

Spectate Sessions: The all-new Spectate Sessions button, located under Go Racing, allows users to more easily watch other racers. Sessions are organized by Official, Hosted, and League tabs, with the same search, sort, filter, and favorite tools as are used elsewhere in Go Racing.

Downloader: Our downloader has been consolidated into a dropdown menu with an all-new “Select Owned” feature as the new default selection. This selection includes all Required updates, plus all updates for content that you own.

For additional improvements and new features, visit the iRacing Forums.



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