IUEM Calioth Racing GR86 Championship Rd.5 - Rudskogen


Championship leader Yuanxi Lin qualified first 1:32.133. Top 7 were able to finish within 1 second. From P2 Pakho Wong to P5 Yat Long Kong, only 0.2 time difference. Pakho Wong is an experienced driver from Hong Kong. This was his first time participate in the championship.

Race 1 

Yuanxi had a bad start that Pakho took the first before turn 1. Yat Long and Daniel was going to turn 1 together.

But Pakho had oversteer during the mid corner at turn 1. Yuanxi passed in inside line.

4 cars going into turn 3.

Yuanxi had slow down penalty and dropped to P4.

Pakho and Pakson touched a bit before turn in.

Pakson late brake and gain the P1.

Tight battle between top 3.

Pakson tried to go inside of Pakho but unfortunately Pakho contacted the rear of Pakson and spun out. Pakson retired from the race.

Kagan VS Simon

Race 1 result

Race 2

2 pairs of GR86 going side by side.

Pakho, Cheuk Long and Yat Long 3 cars was going too tight and caused accident. But everyone able to recover.

Pakho attacking Simon in the inside.

Pakho aiming for Teixeira. At the same time, Yuanxi also aiming Simon.

Yuanxi already right behind Pakho

Daniel and Pakson going side by side.

Pakson had a big slide in the inside. The overtake was not success.

Race 2 result


Championship Standing


AM Standing

Coming up

・ Rd.6 - Okayama - 8th August

Round 6 is the last round of the championship. Please stay tuned and follow our social media and live streaming.


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