IUEM Calioth Racing GR86 Championship Round 3 Charlottle Roval

Race Replay


Daniel finished in pole with 1:30.151. Top 5 were able to finish within 1 second.


Race 1

Lap 1, Pakson Chan took the 2nd place from Yuanxi Lin

In lap 2, Pakson wanted to gain the first place but touched the rear of Daniel Munoz and made both of them into the wall. Yat Long Kong and Kagan Spark were following them that cannot avoid piled up with them and even flipped the car.

After the crash, Kagan Spark and Yat Long Kong retired the car immediately due to already flipped up-side down. Pakson Chan also drove back to pit to retire.

At this point, Yuanxi Lin 1st, Federico Teixeira 2nd and Cheuk Long Lee 3rd.

Lap4, Cheuk Long Lee overtook Yuanxi Lin.

Top 3 were using all the curbs

Daniel was the only one that didn't retired from the big accident and keep fighting for position.

Daniel was able to recover to 3rd in Lap11 with very fast pace.

Lap13, Daniel even gained the 2rd from Cheuk Long Lee

Samuel R Santos and Simon Sanchez had a tight battle during the last few laps

Round 3 Race 1 Result


Race 2

Yat Long Kong had a good start with few cars length

First lap accident involved nearly the same car pack from last race: Pakson Chan, Daniel Munoz, Kagan Spark and Yuanxi Lin

Samuel was finding chance to overtake Cheuk Long Lee.

Yeung Chi Ho Jacky chasing Raiyan S Galvin. Raiyan made mistake when going out the corner and Jacky hitted the back of Raiyan.

Cheuk Long Lee, Simon Sanchez and Samuel R Santos battling at Lap7.

Once again, Daniel was working hard from the back of the grid.

Daniel using all the curbs to get back to 3rd from 6th just in 2 laps.

Daniel passing Cheuk Long Lee to be 2nd.

Cheuk Long Lee defending for his 3rd position.

Round 3 Race 2 result



Championship Standing after R6


Am Standing after R6

Next Schedule

・ Rd.4 - Lime Rock Park - 15th July

・ Rd.5 - Rudskogen - 29th July

・ Rd.6 - Okayama - 8th August


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