Gran Turismo DD Pro - The wheel everybody was asking for


Here's a quick summary:

  • The first licensed Direct Drive wheel for PlayStation®5 (fully compatible with PlayStation®4 as well)
  • The first official Direct Drive Wheel for the Gran Turismo™ series
  • Package includes steering wheel, wheel base, table clamp, pedals, power supply - everything you need to start racing
  • 5 Nm peak torque using included power supply
  • 8 Nm peak torque unlocked with Boost Kit 180 (sold separately)
  • Wheel base is compatible with entire Fanatec ecosystem
  • PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, and PC-compatible out of the box
  • Pedals can be upgraded to load cell brake technology (upgrade kits sold separately)
  • 699.95 €/$ (in EU incl. VAT)

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The Gran Turismo series has one of the most significant legacies in sim racing. This is the series that introduced many of us to the idea of a more realistic type of racing in a video game. Polyphony Digital pioneered the realistic racer on the original PlayStation, and the release of a new version for each PlayStation generation is always a big event. We’re super excited about Gran Turismo 7 coming in early March 2022, and of course we have been working hard to prepare this product to be ready in time. 

In fact, we are offering the option to air-freight the very first units before Christmas! You can enjoy your existing PlayStation 5 or PlayStation 4 racing games, including Gran Turismo Sport, on this incredible new hardware while you wait for the big Gran Turismo 7 release in March. 


The CSL DD has received universal acclaim from reviewers and customers alike. The Gran Turismo DD Pro uses the same groundbreaking technology, with an all-new direct drive wheel base at its core. This compact base packs a surprising punch, particularly if you add the Boost Kit 180, which allows the maximum 8 Nm of peak torque. Our patented FluxBarrier technology and the lightweight internals (including a carbon fibre-reinforced steering axis) helps to communicate force feedback detail with remarkable clarity.

Steering wheel designed by Polyphony Digital.


This unique 280 mm steering wheel for Gran Turismo DD Pro was designed by Polyphony Digital, providing the perfect interface between you and the game. The white OLED display and diffused RevLED strip offers useful visual information while driving and operating the Fanatec Tuning Menu, which is a first for a Gran Turismo-licensed wheel. A unique array of four 5-way directional sticks sit alongside the familiar PlayStation® inputs.

Strong, high-precision, two-pedal set.


This isn’t your typical bundled pedal set. The pedals for Gran Turismo DD Pro are solidly built from steel, with precise and durable Hall sensors that allow you to stay in control with smooth throttle and brake inputs. These pedals are compatible with the CSL Pedals Load Cell Kit (sold separately), which is the perfect upgrade to take realism to the next level. The pedals can also be combined with the CSL Pedals Tuning Kit, if you would like to upgrade to metal pedal plates. 

They've included a table clamp in the box as well, so this is truly a ready-to-race package for an incredible price. 

The Gran Turismo DD Pro will be available to pre-order from November 26th, starting at 699.95 €/$ with deliveries in March 2022. Check out for all the details.

A standalone version of this PlayStation-compatible wheel base is also on the way, subject to Sony Interactive Entertainment’s final product approval.



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